The Differences Between M & F Learning

This usually explains the disconnect when a couple starts learning how to dance – and why some girlfriends get frustrated with their boyfriends because they are not learning ‘fast enough’ compared to other men. I’ve had experience in those situations, which of course, is when I step in and give my speech on how we all start the same way. We all go through Dance Hell – which in this graph is labeled ‘Beginner’s Hell’.

Think back and wonder if there was a point in your learning when all of a sudden everything becomes clear, and you (amazingly) start learning patterns faster and begin to listen/feel the music in a totally different fashion. The yellow marker for beginners is usually the point when they can hear the beat in the music like a perfect played note in a quiet room. Once they pass that obstacle, their feet movements are removed from their mind and can focus on patterns (which are mainly hand positions).


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