Tanja ‘La Alemana’ Kensinger and her dance story

TanyaLaAlemanaTanja Kensinger was originally born in Germany and immigrated to the United States by the way of the military in 1996. Many may know her as “La Alemana”, which distinctly describes her origin. She has loved to dance all of her life, and has had training in ballroom, jazz, ballet, rock-n-roll/swing dancing, as well as many of the latin style dances.

Tanja was introduced to the world of salsa in 2005, and has pursued her career within the salsa sector ever since.

She received much of her basic training with her previous dance partner, Nery Garcia; but quickly learned how to apply her previous knowledge and training into this new dance.

Tanja has been instructing students across the world since 2006, and is known for her infectious energy within the classroom. She was also part owner of one of the top salsa dance companies in Fort Myers, FL.

She is known for having an incredible following ability, as well as being one of the best female leads to date.

While having a passion for salsa, Tanja also developed a strong passion for bachata. Tanja along with her partner, Jorge Burgos (aka Ataca Jorgie), have been teaching bachata & salsa workshops and performing together since 2008.

Their dream is to share their passion for salsa and bachata with dancers all across the world.