All About Salsa Classes

There are lots of various types of dance classes you can take, such as ballet lessons or jazz dance lessons. However, one of the more unique are salsa classes.

Salsa Dancing Class1. What Is Salsa Music?

Salsa dancing is dancing to Salsa music, a form of Cuban, Colombian and Puerto Rican dance music. The term “Salsa” was invented in New York City in the 1970s.
Some of the most popular Salsa music is El Sol De La Noche by Salsa Celtica, Quimbara by Celia Cruz and El Dia De Mi Surte by Hector Lavoe.

2. What Is Salsa Dancing?

Salsa dancing involves swaying the hips while moving the legs and feet in a left-right-left and then right-left-right movement. Arms and hands also sway and do other movements. This form of dancing can be done alone or with a partner.

3. How Can You Find Salsa Classes?

Because this form of class is more unique than others, you may have difficulty finding a class in your area. The fastest way to discover if your area offers classes on how to dance to Salsa music is to look online.
In the search bar of your search engine, such as Google, type the words “salsa classes” in quotes. Then, next to that type your city in quotes. So for example if you lived in Chicago, type “Chicago.” After you’ve entered the information, the search engine will display if there are any such classes in your city.

4. What Should You Do After You Locate A Salsa Class?

After you’ve found a Salsa class, the next step is to check it out. Travel to the location and take a look at the building, inside and out. Make sure the building is safe and clean.
Ask if you can observe a class before you purchase a class or a session of classes. Check to see how the class is run and what the instructor is like.
If you’re satisfied with what you see, then schedule your classes. Make sure to work with dates and times that are convenient for you. If you schedule classes that are not on suitable dates or times, you are more likely to skip classes. Many dance instructions do not allow for refunds if you miss or skip classes. Furthermore, missing classes is a waste of money for you. You’ve spent money that you cannot get back.

5. What Should You Wear To Salsa Dance Class?

Beginning Salsa instruction is not dealing with pro students. Therefore, you can wear casual, comfortable clothing, but be sure you wear dance shoes, or shoes that are comfortable and that you can move in freely. Part of Salsa is about the freedom of movement of the legs and feet. You don’t want to feel restricted in any way.
Salsa dance instruction has grown in popularity since it came to the forefront in the 1970s.

Today, Salsa music has also grown in popularity and can be heard in all of the clubs, not just those devoted to Salsa music.