Jorge Burgos – aka ATACA Jorgie

AtacaJorge Burgos (aka ATACA Jorgie) was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, and at the age of 6, moved to Orlando, FL.  Jorge grew up playing baseball, which later led Jorge to be offered a baseball scholarship to Saint Leo University in Tampa, FL.

In 2006, while still attending college, Jorge went to a Tampa nightclub which is where he was introduced to NY style salsa.  Jorge was immediately drawn to that style of dance.  Jorge started taking classes with Salsa Caliente Dance Studio that same year.  He took on the challenge of learning this style of dance with just as much passion as he did baseball.

Within 8 months of taking classes Jorge started teaching.  Erika Occhipinti, the owner of Salsa Caliente, commented that in her 8 year run with the studio no one had ever progressed and learned with such great talent and potential than that of Jorge.

Jorge took the comment as motivation to one day become a great dancer, instructor, and performer.  After graduating Saint Leo with a Business Management Degree, Jorge found himself with a potential life changing choice between pursuing baseball or salsa as a career.  The decision was not a difficult one; Salsa had become the new passion and love in his life.

Now, Jorge is known to be one of Florida’s most charismatic dancers with a smooth style and effective lead.  His teaching style is one of his own; he uses high energy and humor throughout the entire length of class, while still being able to simplify moves for students to fully comprehend.

Jorge is very honored to now be partnered up with one of Florida’s top dancers, Tanja Kensinger (La Alemana).  They have performed at various congresses such as the Orlando Salsa Congress 2008, Miami Salsa Congress 2008, as well as various Florida socials. Together they wish to add new and exciting flavor to salsa and bachata scenes across the world.  Jorge is also an owner of Island Touch Dance Academy, which is an instructor referral service, and also one of the top online providers for dance instruction via virtual classes.