Francisco Vazquez, the creator of  LA Style Salsa

LA SALSA – There are many brands that come up as possible members of what L.A style salsa has become during the past decade or so, but when thinking about giving credit to a single originator of the style, that individual has and will always be: Francisco Vazquez.

Francisco Vazquez is known as by many as the best salsa dancer in the world. An entire innovator, a visionary, as well as someone who in the 90s by themselves promoted a flashy, powerful, showy style of salsa dance that featured fast-paced hard work and strong accents towards the music: L. A. Design Salsa.

He is the founder, choreographer, and principal dancer on the planet acclaimed dance troupe “Los Rumberos, ” which has been regularly in the top 5 Latin dance teams in the world. This group has laid the building blocks to many of the greats within salsa, such as Luis as well as Johnny Vazquez (Francisco’s more youthful brothers), and many other dancers within Los Angeles and in Europe.

Francisco-VasquezIt may easily be said that Francisco’s L. A. Style family tree of dancing reaches everyone interested it this art like dancers, as well as instructors or choreographers not only in Los Angeles, but in many other parts of the US and the world. Francisco has perfected Latin dance rhythms for example Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Afro-Cuban, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha Cha Cha, Latin American Dancing techniques, Rumba, Guaganco, Guaracha, Pachanga and Charanga, also Mexican Folkloric style & other dances. He could be well known for, very efficiently, mixing different styles in his dancing performances and social dancing style, which attracts as well as captivates the world of salsa anyplace he makes appearances in.

Among his career-long several accomplishments, Francisco has made an appearance in many films, such as “Selena, ” “Dance With Me, inch and “Multiplicity, ” and the like. He has been a primary dancer for music movie productions like Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for Tonight, inch Mar Anthony’s “I Have to know,  Selena’s project and so much more. And has appeared in tv shows like “Sabado Gigante, inch and won numerous globe salsa championships at the Conga Room and Mayan Club in Los Angeles.
Francisco has additionally performed on-stage with many associated with Latin music’s greats, for example Celia Cruz, Tito Pasarela, Ruben Blades, and Gilberto Santa Rosa, amongst many more.

Francisco has traveled the entire world dancing, performing, and training his unique L.A style and bringing their charisma to stages which welcome him as their home, and cannot obtain enough of him. He could be sought after by event planners and promoters in all prude and all major cities on the planet.